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How to Earn Money with Bubblews
Can you really earn money on Bubblews? How much can you earn, and how?

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Author Paul Diamond Blow's Bubblews profile

If you haven't heard about Bubblews yet, it is a social website similar to Facebook where you can actually earn money for posting. How much can you earn? How exactly do you earn the money? Do they really pay? Here I will review and answer these questions, and give the low down on Bubblews. I personally have been a member of Bubblews for three months as of this writing (since October, 2014, and you can view my Bubblews profile here. The first month I was on Bubblews I earned fifty dollars. The second month, I earned 75 dollars. And YES, I got paid! Now then, here is the low down on earning money with Bubblews...

How Bubblews works
Bubblews is a social site similar to Facebook, but not nearly as advanced. On Bubblews, you first create a user profile (complete with a profile pic) and then you are free to post "bubbles" about anything you like. The only requirements for posting is that each post must be at least 400 characters long (characters, not words!) and you should not post any racist, sexist, or just plain offensive to humanity. It does not take too many words to get 400 characters, but you cannot just post a long string of gibberish -- that is considered "spamming" and may get you deleted. Your "bubbles" can be about anything you like, as long as you wrote it yourself. Plagarizing will also get you deleted from the site. You can write people, places, or things, what you had for dinner, poetry... or whatever you fancy -- the same stuff you post on Facebook for free! Once your post is up, other Bubblers can view it, "like" it, or comment on it. Bubblers can also "follow" you, and you can "follow" anyone you like. The social interaction with other Bubblers consists mainly of reading their posts and commenting on them. There is no private messaging between users or other ways to communicate. Bubblews is strictly a posting, reading, and commenting site.

How to earn money on Bubblews
Once you have a post up for others to read, you earn money for each view, each "like", and each comment your post receives. When I joined Bubblews the paying rate was one penny for every view, like, and comment. You do NOT get paid for viewing your own posts, but you do earn money for commenting on your own posts. If one person reads your post, likes it (by clicking the "like" button), and comments on it, you will earn three cents. You are allowed to post up to ten posts in a 24 hour period. The way people on Bubblews really earn is not only by posting, but by interacting with other users by reading their posts, liking them, and commenting on them. Basically, if you want people to do that for you, you must do it for them, too. Yes... it is a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" kind of site.

How much money can you earn, and does Bubblews really pay?
How much money you earn on Bubblews really depends on how much time you spend on it. Some people (mostly foreigners from the Phillipines and India) say they earn their livings with Bubblews by spending 8-12 hours a day posting and interacting. You must earn a minimum of fifty dollars before you can redeem your earnings, and after you redeem it will take at least 30 days for your redemption to be processed and for it to show up in your Paypal account. (Paypal is the only way they pay). My first month on Bubblews I earned fifty dollars. My second month I had more followers (over 800) and spent more time interacting, and earned 75 dollars. However, in my third month Bubblews went through some changes (which I will detail in the article) and I only earned 15 dollars since the last redemption. While it did take a while for my redemptions to be processed (about 35 days each time) I did get the money deposited in my Paypal account for both redemptions, so YES, they do really pay!

Bubbles update: they have made drastic changes!
Back in November of 2014, Bubblews made many changes to the way it operates to cut down on the "spammers" -- spammers being people who were abusing the system to earn money, and there were many spammers when I first joined! The first thing I noticed when I first joined was that Bubblews was dominated by users from the Phillipines, Viet Nam, and India. Many of these foreign users were abusing the system in many ways to maximize their earnings, since in those countries a United States penny is worth much more than it is in America. Of course, Bubblews earns money through advertising, and probably could not keep paying all those pennies with so many people abusing the system. The first thing Bubblews did was take away the "page views" statistics -- that is, you can no longer see now many views your posts get, you just see how many "likes" they get, and the comments. Bubblews also announced that they would be reducing the pay rates for international users... that is, they no longer pay a penny for each view, like, or comment that come from users outside the United States. They do not state how much they DO pay, just that each country is different according to the advertising rates. Bubblews also started a campaign to delete "scammer" profiles, and thousands of users have been deleted so far.

The effect these changes has had on the site has been that the international users have mostly deserted Bubblews since they no longer can make their livings on the site, and so page views, likes and comments have slowed down considerably. I have only earned about 15 dollars in my third month on the site, and while I may still post bubblews from time to time, it just does not pay enough anymore for me to spend a lot of time there. My posts used to earn an average of 50 cents each, but now earn an average of about 15 cents. I have not been spending much time reading or commenting on other users posts, though, so that is one reason my earnings are so low now.

January 2015 update:
Wow, in January 2015 Bubblews announced that they simply did not have enough money to pay it's users what they were owed, so they sharply reduced all the payout rates and even deleted money from users' "banks," which greatly infuriated scores of Bubblers. Bubblews no longer pays for "likes" or comments -- just for page views -- and the rate they pay is determined by which country the views come from. Personally, I have found that my posts there now only garner about a nickel, and I am happy I redeemed my last earnings when I did and got paid. I still have 13 dollars in my Bubblews bank, but I doubt I will ever reach the $50 minimum to redeem again with the new super-low pay rates, so while I am not yet deleting my account there, I am deleting old posts and will rarely post there any more.

2018 update: no longer exists!!! It's gone, baby, gone.... well, it was fun while it lasted.

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