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How to Earn Money on the Internet in Your Spare Time (with the Paul Diamond Blow Method)
You Can Make Money on the Internet in Your Spare Time -- Here's How!

by Paul Diamond Blow

If you are looking for ways to earn extra money on the internet, there are indeed many valid ways to earn money in your spare time. I myself have been searching the web for years, experimenting with different programs, boldly going where no man has gone before, in search of the latest and greatest ways to earn money on the internet, and here I am revealing the results of my five year mission: the best ways to earn money on the internet.

Bear in mind, these are not "get rich quick" programs, and you will definitely earn more money with a regular job, but these are good for some extra cash, and the more you work these programs the more you will earn. Sadly, all of my favorite sites that paid good money for writing articles or product reviews have gone out of business, but that being said here are the best ways to earn money on the internet in the year 2014 and beyond...

1) Earn money with Google Adsense: If you run your own blog or website and get at least a fair amount of traffic, then Google Adsense is a great way to earn extra cash by signing up with Google Adsense and placing their ads on your website or blog pages. The cool thing about Google Adsense is that the ads they place on your pages will be similar to what your website is about. For instance, if your website or blog is about sports, you will get sports related ads on your page. If your website is all about music, you will get music related advertisements. It's up to you what type of ads you place (text or banner ads), how large the ads are and where they will be placed. Google Adsense pays for each click-through the ads get, and the pay for each click varies greatly -- from just a couple cents for a click up to a few dollars for a click. They do not tell you how much individual advertisements pay, it all depends on how much the advertisers are willing to pay. The more traffic your website or blog generates, the more clicks you will get and the more money you will earn. Google Adsense only requires that you actually run your website or blog and have the authority and ability to place the javascript for the advertisements on your pages. You must earn a minimum of $100 before you will get paid by Google, and be warned -- do NOT click on the ads yourself and do NOT try to trick visitors to your website into clicking on the ads, or you will more than likely get booted off the program and not receive a dime. They do have ways of catching the cheaters. (HOT TIP: banner ads with images pay much better than the text ads)

2) Get paid to take surveys: There are many "get paid to take surveys" sites on the internet, and I've checked out many of them. Only one survey site seems worth working with, that being Opinion Place. Most of the other survey sites pay mainly with chances in sweepstakes or with "points" that can be converted to prizes. The few sites that do offer cash money for taking surveys mostly only pay 50 cents to a dollar for each survey completed, and then they set minimums ($30 being about the standard) before you can get paid. The beauty about Opinion Place is that their surveys generally pay between one and four dollars a piece, and you get paid with Paypal within a week of completing the surveys -- no minimums. They limit you to one survey a week, however, but they are without a doubt the best survey site on the web.

Another decent "get paid to take surveys" site is Surveysavvy pays between $1-2 a survey and they have no minimums you must earn before you get paid. Just request payment and they will send you a check. Not as good as Opinion Place, but it's worth signing up for a couple extra bucks each week.

3) Earn money with Amazon's Mechanical Turk: Amazon's Mechanical Turk site is an interesting site. You can sign on as either a "requester" -- one who posts small tasks called "Human Intelligence Tasks" (HITs) -- or as a Mechanical Turk worker who completes these tasks for a small payment. Generally, most of the tasks that you can get paid for are menial, boring tasks that pay a few pennies to perform. Tasks include such things as checking out websites, completing short surveys, writing short reviews, rating pictures, and many other oddball tasks that computers cannot do as well as humans. You can indeed earn some extra money as a Mechanical Turk worker, but you will earn much less than the minimum wage per hour as most of your time there will be spent perusing the thousands of HITs available looking for the ones that are worth doing... and most of the tasks there are NOT worth the time.Occasionally you will find a good HIT -- I myself earned roughly ten dollars rating the attractiveness of people in photographs on a scale of 1 to 5 for one requester-- however those good tasks are a rarity. Still, if you don't mind doing boring, menial tasks for low pay you can earn some extra cash at Amazon's Mechanical Turk program. (HOT TIP: do not waste your time with tasks that pay less than three cents. Also, most tasks that pay more than five dollars are scams wanting you to sign up for a service. BEWARE.)

4) Sell your used or new items on Ebay or You are probably already aware of how easy it is to sell merchanise on Ebay, but has opened up their marketplace to outside sellers and vendors, which means that you can sell your new or used items (CDs, DVDs, books, etc.) right alongside the major vendors as long as the product you wish to sell is already listed for sale on You just need to sign up as a seller and have a major credit card, then you find the items you wish to sell on their site, add your item to the list, and set the price you wish to sell your item for. charges a fee of 15% of the sale price plus 99 cents for every item you sell on their site. Ebay also charges fees -- lower than Amazon's actually -- so my recommendation is to try selling on Ebay first.

5) Sell your music on the internet: If you are, by chance, a musician and have CDs or digital music you would like to sell online, you can sign up with to sell your product. For a fee of $35.00 per album, CDbaby will create a page for your CD where you set the price you wish to sell for. CDBaby takes the first $4.00 from each sale and you get the rest. You can also go the digital route, which is included in the $35.00 fee, where CDbaby will put your music on all the major digital music sites (iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, Napster, etc.) You do not need to have your music on CD to go the digital route, and CDbaby's cut of all digital sales is only 9%. I personally have four CDs on and all the major digital sites, and while sales aren't exactly going through the roof I do sell enough for some extra pocket money. There are other online companies that will also put your digital music on all the major sites, but at this time CDbaby is still the best option and one of the very few sites that will also sell physical CDs by independent artists.

There you have it.. the best ways to earn extra money on the internet in your spare time. I will continue my mission and update this article as I find new revenues of internet cash, but until then, let's go MAKE SOME MONEY!