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Indesign CS3 Crashes When Trying to Print in OS Lion: Here's a Fix!
The solution you've been looking for is here...

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

If you use Adobe Creative Suite CS3 on a Macintosh and have either upgraded your Mac to OS Lion or have bought a new Mac with OS Lion installed, the good news is that Adobe CS3 works very well with OS Lion. Photoshop CS3 has no problems running in OS Lion and Indesign CS3 also runs very well in OS Lion... except for one problematic flaw: when trying to print in OS Lion Indesign CS3 will unexpectedly quit! Adobe has no plans to fix this as they no longer support CS3 (they want us all to buy the latest version, of course!) The good news, however, is that there is a work around...

To avoid having Indesign CS3 crash when trying to print in OS Lion you must first remove Adobe PDF PPD files from the following folders:


The five folders that contain the offending PPD files (now empty)

These five folders are the only sub-folders inside the "Resources" folder so they are easy to locate by viewing the "Resources" folder by "kind." Each folder contains a single PPD file which you must drag out to the trash (or a new folder elsewhere on your computer if you like). You cannot remove the folders themselves, just the files inside them. Once you have removed these five files from the "Resources" folder you will be able to print out of Indesign CS3 without a hitch.

Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix as these offending files will come back in time. I cannot say how or why they come back -- simply rebooting the computer does not bring them back -- but rest assured they will come back eventually and will have to be removed again.

The easiest solution to removing these files is to create an "alias" of the OS/Library/Printers/PPDs/contents/Resources folder and keep that on your desktop. When using Indesign CS3 you can open that folder, view by "kind," and quickly see if the PPD files have come back or not, and easily remove them again if necessary. At this time this is the best work around for this Indesign CS3 printing problem.

Author Paul Diamond Blow works as a production artist for a major book publisher with over ten years experience in the field. He is a Photoshop wizard, an Indesign samuri, and a sweetheart of a guy..