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The Best FREE Anti-malware Programs for Removing Malware on Your Computer
Is Your Computer Infected with Malware? Here Are the Best FREE Programs Available for Removing It

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Ladies and gentlemen, a new evil has descended upon the internet. This evil -- this scourge of the internet community -- is what we call malware (short for malicious software), also known as viruses or trojans. Malware is software designed to infiltrate and disrupt your computer without your consent. If you have ever had your computer infected by malware you know what an extreme pain in the derriere it is to remove from your system. How does one know when one's computer is infected with malware? If your computer exhibits any of the following symptoms, it is more than likely your computer system is infected by malware:

1) If you continually get pop-ups on your computer screen giving you a message such as "YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED WITH VIRUSES... CLICK HERE TO SCAN" or similar messages, and the pop-up windows are NOT from any anti-virus program you have installed yourself on your computer, you are probably infected with malware.

2) If Internet Explorer constantly pops open --even when you are not connected to the internet -- and tries to go to such websites as "" or "" or other strange websites, you are probably infected with malware.

3) If your computer's performance suffers from a sudden dramatic slowdown and programs are super slow to open -- or do not open at all -- you may well indeed be infected with malware. You may also get error messages when trying to open up your programs such as "this program cannot be opened because the wdrf.dll file is corrupted." That is a sure sign your computer is infected.

Indeed, once these dastardly malware programs take hold of your computer eventually your computer will become unusable. The best way to remove malware or prevent malware from taking control of your machine is to have some good anti-malware programs installed on your computer that will scan your computer and remove all malware, trojans, viruses, and spyware. There are many anti-malware programs available these days, but many that advertise they are "free" will only scan your computer for free but not actually remove anything unless you purchase the software. However, there are three very good and reputable anti-malware programs available on the web that will scan your computer and remove any infections for FREE, and since no one single anti-malware program will find and remove 100% of all malware, it is a very good idea to have more than one such program on your computer.

Without further ado, here are the top three FREE programs available on the web for finding and removing malware from your computer. These are the programs that I personally use myself on my own computer...

1) Malwarebytes
"Malware bites"... get it? Malware does bite, and Malwarebytes is the number one most respected FREE anti-malware software available on the web. If you visit any internet forums where removing malware is discussed, you will find that "Malwarebytes" comes up in the discussions more than any other anti-malware program as the first choice for removing malware. I have been using Malwarebytes myself for quite some time and have had it find and remove malware and trojans that my other anti-virus programs could not find. Malwarebytes is completely free and very simple to use. Malwarebytes does offer a paid version for $24.95 which will give you real-time protection, but the free version works very well and should be the first program you run to find and remove malware on your machine.

2) Microsoft's Windows Defender
Windows Defender is a FREE anti-malware program available for download from Windows Defender will scan your computer and remove any malware, trojans, or spyware that it finds. I've been using Windows Defender for a while now as my number two anti-malware program, and in one instance it found some trojans that Malwarebytes did not find. Windows Defender also gives you real-time protection which recommends actions against spyware when it is detected on your system. Windows Defender is definitely a program you should have running on your machine, and Microsoft is a name you can trust.

3) SUPERantispyware Free Edition
SUPERantispyware is another fine FREE program for detecting and removing trojans and spyware from your computer. While this program is not quite as good at detecting malware as Malwarebytes, SUPERantispyware's specialty is finding and removing adware and spyware on your computer -- something that neither Malwarebytes or Windows Defender do very well. While adware and spyware will not disrupt your computer the way malware will, it is good to have a program such as SUPERantispyware that will get rid of them. SUPERantispyware also offers a paid version for $29.95 which offers real-time protection, but the free version itself works very well.

With these three programs installed on your computer you will have a triple-threat against malware, trojans, viruses, adware and spyware. The best way to use these programs is to scan your computer at least once a week to find and remove any infections before they take control of your machine. Also, you should routinely update all three programs so that they will detect and remove the latest threats. Updating the programs is easy enough -- all three have "find updates" buttons that you simply click to get the latest updates. Here is one last important tip: often times if your computer is infected with malware, the malware may prevent these anti-malware programs from opening. In such a case, you must start your computer in "safe mode" (by holding down the F8 key when starting up your computer) and then run the programs. In "safe mode" the programs will run unhindered by the malware.

Author Paul Diamond Blow works as a production artist for a major book publisher with over ten years experience in the field. He is a Photoshop wizard, an Indesign samuri, and a sweetheart of a guy..