Item--01-05-2004-- Paul Diamond Blow and Sleazy P. have a new glam/punk band THE SPACE CRETINS and are nowplaying live. Blow's ex-Berserker bandmate MARKASS KARKASS has joined up on de bass action. Check them out! ... Bimbos songs are rumoured to be in the new set list.

Item--05-20-2003-- Here's what various members of the ACE DIAMOND BIMBOS have been up to: Paul Diamond Blow begins recording a new solo CD and is playing "unplugged" acoustic shows around the Seattle area. Maxi Thunderfingers has been playing guitar for porno-metal legends THE MENTORS, where he is known as "Sickie Jr." Sleazy P. has been helping build STUDIO SEVEN, Seattle's newest band rehearsal space/rock club. Sasha King got married to ex-bimbette Barbarra! (Congrats kids!)

Item--10-10-2002-- FISTFULL OF ROCK Vol 10 is finally released by Devildoll Records, featuring Paul Diamond Blow 7 the Ace Diamond Bimbos song "Deep Fever"

Item--2-14-2000-- Paul Blow gets featured at Amp3.com as "artist of the week"! Yeah baby! Amp3.com is one of the major mp3 sites on the internet!

Item--1-20-2000-- The Bimbos were thrown out of the Seattle greasy spoon diner Beth's Cafe, after a drunken Sleazy P. ordered a "paddy melt with a side of fries"... Paul Blow is now calling for a world-wide boycott of Beth's Cafe! Please don't eat there!

Item--1-17-2000--Sal Conziniero, guitarist for Electric Frankenstein, is putting out a huge 13-CD compilation project for Caroline Records, featuring the best of today's underground rock'n'roll bands...the CD's will be released monthly until the year 2001! The song "DEEP FEVER", from Paul Blow's CD "Wang Dang Sweet Thunder of Rock", will be included on volume 10, tentatively scheduled for release in September, 2000... other bands featured include, the Dwarves, Zeke, Dgeneration, Black Halos, Jeff Dahl, Lazy Cowgirls, Supersuckers, and scores more!

Item--1-17-2000 --The Bimbos have added a new element to their stage show, some real fine lady go-go dancers known as the BIMBETTES! Barbara and Sprout are their names, click here for a photo!

Item--1-17-2000--The Bimbos show at the Storeroom Tavern on Feb 12th is sponsored by BLACK STAR BEER, and will feature an appearance by the Black Star Beer Girls! Plus, Paul Blow will be handing out free CDs! All this and live rock for only 2 bucks! Be there!...

Item--12/5/99--Paul Diamond Blow recently received a "pick hit of the day" for his song Sister at Amp3.com. The song is off Blow's solo acoustic album "Love You Like a Freight Train". You can check out his acoustic stuff HERE!As Amp3.com says, it is "soft rock with just a touch of glam!" Paul Blow's acoustic songs are dominating the top 10 in the "soft rock" charts!

Item--11/07/99--The Ace Diamond Bimbos have been hard at work, promoting the band thru Strip Clubs across America...read all about it!

Item--11/05/99--Paul Diamond Blow and Maxxi Thunderfingers have been playing special acoustic shows lately, (ussually at Jimmy Z's in Everett) It's been described as "acoustic magic"...the gigs are unannounced, so ya just gotta get lucky and show up...

ITEM--10/15/99--the Bimbos played a special show at Paul Blow's friend Karkass's wedding party...The show was a success, except for when a drunk Sleazy P. urinated in the punch bowl, much to the chagrin of the bride and groom... oh well, life goes on!

Item--Maxxi, Sleazy, and the Lush have another project called ALPHADRONE-- a noise band-- "radio waves inside a cardboard box, garage opera at its best..."check it out!

Stay tuned for more news, gossip, rumors....etc., etc....

babylon 2000 CD

"LIVE IN BABYLON 2000" -- sold exclusively thru Mp3.com, this CD was recorded live in a sleazy bar called Jimmy Z's in Everett, WA (also known as Babylon)...