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So you wanna be a rock'n'roller? You wanna be a rock star? You wanna play in a rock band for fun and profit? You wanna party like a rock star, at least? You're at the right place, young rocker... read on!

Welcome to Paul Diamond Blow Musician Resources. Here you can read articles written by Paul Diamond Blow all about rock bands, being a musician, getting gigs, selling music, gear reviews, rock'n'roll life, picking up chicks, etc, etc. All these articles were written tongue-slighty-in-cheek but are chock full of good advice and tips for musicians young and old, from the fledging beginner to the seasoned pro who thinks he knows everything (you don't!) Paul Diamond Blow has been rocking in bands in the Pacific Northwest area for many a year, and has learned a thing or three in the process. PDB also has an A.A. degree in audio engineering, graphic arts design, and holds belts in several styles of the martial arts. That's right... he's an educated rocker! Read on and be informed as well as entertained... ROCK!


DANGER: Starting a Rock band can be HAZARDOUS to your health! Humorous yet informative article all about starting or joining a rock band. Read it, baby!

Top Ten Reasons to Play in a Rock Band Humorous yet informative article detailing the top ten reasons it's super cool to play in a rock band

Why it SUCKS to Play in a Rock Band Humorous yet informative article detailing the top ten reasons why it can SUCK to play in a rock band.

Choosing a Band Name for Your Cool New Band Got a cool new rock band and you need to pick a cool, original band name? Read this first!!!

How to Get Gigs with the Paul Diamond Blow Method Need some gigs for your cool new band? Here's how to book 'em!

Is Your Band Ready for the BIG GIG?? Got a killer show lined up for your band? Here's how to prepare for a gig to maximize the awesomeness and avoid disaster. A must read!

ROADIES: a Musician's Best Friend Humorous article all about rock'n'roll roadies -- how to get them and how to use them!

How to Be a Rock Star Prima Donna If you can't be a rock star at least you can act like one.. here's how!

Tips and Advice for Young, Up-and-Coming Rockers Great advice for the young rockers, from a seasoned, savvy, older rocker dude (Paul Diamond Blow).

How to Be a Singer/Songwriter for Fun and Profit You don't need no stinkin' band! How to be a solo singer/songwriter.

Tinnitus Treatments for the Rock Musician Do your ears ring all the time with tinnitus? Read this!

How to Fly on an Airplane with Your Guitar in the Year 2009 and Beyond Need to fly to a gig with your guitar but not sure how you can bring your guitar with you without it getting lost, stolen, or damaged?? Read this here article, it's a good one...


How to Record the Electric Guitar How to get that big WALL of GUITAR sound -- good tips here.

RECORDING DRUMS: How to Get That Killer Slammin' Sound in Your Home Studio! Paul Diamond Blow's most popular article ever written, it contains great tips and advice for getting a slammin' drum sound in you home studio recordings. A must read!

CD Mastering: Why You Need It, How to Master Your Own Music/CD in Your Home Studio Not sure what CD mastering is or why you need it on your recordings? Read this! Good tips here on how to master your own digital audio in your home studio to get a close-to-pro-sounding finished product.


How to get Radio Airplay for your Band Great tips and advice on getting your hot new CD played on the radio, baby!

Punk rock & loud rock radio stations list This is a list of over 30 college and noncommercial radio stations that will play your band's punk or loud rock CD, complete with mailing addresses.

How to Sell Your Music on Apple iTunes Here's details on how to get your independent music up on Apple iTunes and tips for increasing sales.

How to Sell Your Music/CD with Here's how to sell your music and CDs online AND get digital distribution with the indie musicians best friend:


The Marshall Stack: Ultimate Sound of Rock Gear review about the awesome Marshall stack amp that PDB uses on stage, plus the Marshall MG 10cd practice amp!

GEAR REVIEW: the Les Paul Studio guitar The Gibson Les Paul guitar is now affordable, read all about it! PDB owns two of 'em.

GEAR REVIEW: the Shure SM57 Microphone The SM57 is a legendary microphone. PDB tells why and how to use it in your home studio.

Cool Edit Pro: Super Cool Audio Editor and Multitrack Recorder Review of Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro

Sound Forge: a must have for serious digital audio editing Review of Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge program.

Vintage Gear Review: The Alesis ADAT Studiopack Review of the Alesis ADAT Studiopack, the World's First Affordable Digital Recording Format.

The Best Inexpensive Microphones for Your Home Studio PDB lists the best high quality (yet inexpensive) microphones for your home studio.

Gear Review: the Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones Review of the Sony DJ headphones, which are perfect for the DJ or home studio use.

The Best Places to Buy Musical Gear Online PDB lists his favorite online companies where he buys musical gear and gets the best deals possible.

Sonicbids: Scam or Genuine Way for Bands to Get Gigs? Paul Diamond Blow reviews the online "booking agency"


Top Ten Christmas Gifts for the Rock Musician Paul Diamond Blow's top ten list of gifts for rockers!.

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