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Why T-Mobile's Prepaid Cell Phone Plan ROCKS!
How to Use T-Mobile's Prepaid Cell Phone Plan to Save Mega Bucks on Your Cell Phone Bill

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

I've been using T-Mobile's prepaid cell phone plan for over five years now and have been very happy with both the prepaid plan and T-mobile's service. For people who don't make too many cell phone calls each day and don't want to pay $50 and up a month for the typical cell-phone plan or deal with service contracts and fees this is a great money saving bargain. Here's how the T-mobile prepaid plan works, and how to make the most of the plan...

Sign up with T-mobile and purchase a phone
The first step is to go to T-mobile's website and go to the prepaid cell phone plan page where you will have a choice of cell phones to use with the plan. You can also purchase a prepaid cell phone at any T-mobile store, but you can get a much better deal and more choices on the website. On the T-mobile website they usually have 2-5 different cell phones that work with the prepaid plan and they run all sorts of discounts and specials that change every week. For instance, one week they may offer a free $25 prepaid refill card with each prepaid cell phone purchase and the next week they may offer the phones at a great discount. I've purchased several nice cell phones with good discounts for $20-30 a piece on the T-mobile website for myself and family members, and these aren't cheapo cell phones either, I'm talking brand name phones (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung) with all the latest features.

Once you've received your cell phone you simply activate it and you're good to go. The next step is to purchase a prepaid refill card for more minutes.

Purchasing a prepaid refill card
T-mobile offers several choices for refill cards. The choices are $10 (good for 30 minutes of time), $25 (good for 130 minutes), $50 (good for 400 minutes), and $100 (good for 1000 minutes). The $10-$50 cards are good for 90 days and you need to purchase another refill card before they expire to roll over any unused minutes. Once you have purchased $100 worth of refill cards you get the "gold rewards status" which is what really makes T-mobile's prepaid plan superior to all other prepaid plans. Once you have gold rewards status your minutes are good for a full year and you get an additional 15% bonus minutes on any other refill cards purchased in that year.

How to maximize savings with T-mobile's prepaid cell plan
The best way to maximize your savings with T-mobile's prepaid plan is to purchase a $100 refill card right off the bat. That way you have instant "gold rewards" status -- you pay only ten cents a minute (1000 minutes for $100) for talk time, ten cents for each text message (sent or read), and your minutes are good for a full year. While there are other prepaid plans that offer ten cents a minute (Net10 being the only one I know of, actually) their refill cards all expire after 90 days. If you are like me and don't use your cell phone every day, or don't make too many calls each day and keep your calls short and to the point, a $100 refill card can last a full year or longer -- costing you less than $10 a month for cell phone service.

The T-Mobile Monthly G4 Plan
If you use your cell phone more often and need more minutes per month your better option may be T-Mobile's Monthly 4G Prepaid plan in which you get 1500 minutes a month for only $30. Compared to the 1000 minutes for $100 Gold Card, this is a great deal which will save you money if you use your cell phone for more ten minutes a day or do a lot of texting. The monthly plan requires that you purchase a new $30 card each month and your unused minutes will NOT roll over, but like the other Prepaid plan there are no contracts and no extra fees.

Overall, the T-mobile prepaid cell phone plan is an excellent deal for people who don't use their cell excessively or who still make most of their calls on a land line phone but want a cell phone to carry with them in case of emergencies. Cell phones are pretty much a necessity these days what with the lack of pay phones, and the T-mobile plan can save a user a lot of money over the typical cell phone plan.