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How to Unlock a T-mobile Cell Phone for FREE
You don't need to pay to have your prepaid cell phone unlocked. Here's how to do it for free!

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

If you have a T-mobile cell phone and need to unlock it so you can use the phone with other GSM carriers, first you need to "unlock" the phone. Cell phone service providers usually "lock" the phones they sell so that you can only use the phone with their service. However, the phones can be "unlocked" with a special code number so that the phone will accept SIM cards from other carriers. There are scores of websites on the internet that will provide the unlock code for your specific prepaid phone for a price (anywhere from $5.99 to $24.99, the rates vary wildly), but you do NOT NEED TO PAY to get the unlock codes! T-mobile will provide the unlock code to you for FREE provided you meet two requirements:

1) You have been a member of their service for more than 40 days
2) You have at least $10 worth of air time in your prepaid account

If you meet these requirements, simply call T-mobile's customer service and tell them you need the unlock code for your cell phone. You will need to provide to them the IMEI number of your phone (which can be found underneath the battery or can be shown on your phone by dialing #06#). With that, T-mobile will email the unlock code for your cell phone to you within one week with instructions on how to use the code.

There you have it! Why pay some third party website good money for a code you can get for FREE from T-mobile? Of course, if you do not meet the requirements set by T-mobile you may have to pay for the unlock code.

(NOTE: You will be able to use your unlocked T-mobile cell phone with other GSM carriers that use SIM cards but will NOT be able to use it with CDMA carriers such as Verizon or Sprint that do not use SIM cards.)