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Welcome to the Paul Diamond Blow Website! Paul Diamond Blow is a musician, spoken word artist, writer, kung fu master, punk rock star, and part time space commander in Seattle, Washington. Paul Diamond Blow enjoys writing swell articles about the rocknroll life, guitars, bands, and other odd ramblings with the rock musician in mind. His current band the SPACE CRETINS plays regularly in the Seattle area and he also performs occasionally as a solo acoustic "unplugged" artist. Check it out, it's all here where you will find links to Paul Diamond Blow on the internet: all Paul Diamond Blow's music, writings, poetry, art, videos, naughty pictures, gossip, and innuendo... it's all here. Feel the Luv. Feel it... feel it.

Go to Paul Diamond Blow's NEW official website! This page is now a legacy site.

Thursday, January 31 at Slim's Last Chance (Seattle, WA)
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Paul Diamond Blow is a published author! Check out all his books on amazon!

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PDB's new website with articles all about and all for rock musicians, rock bands, and the people that love them. Great stuff here, Maynard! Check it.

Paul Diamond Blow's Huggy Talk column

"HUGGY TALK": Originally a column PDB wrote for the Seattle Sinner magazine, now a website featuring the wit, wisdom, zen, and philosophy of Paul Diamond Blow. Check it!

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An avid casino gaming enthusiast, Paul Diamond Blow opened his own online Casino Tips & Advice webpage! Do ya feel lucky??? For high rollers, low rollers, and everyone in between.

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Paul Diamond Blow has a reputation in the graphic arts world as a Photoshop wizard. Here are all his graphic arts production tips, tricks, and advice articles.

Insult Jokes 101
Paul Diamond Blow occasionally does stand up comedy. His hilarious Insults 101 website is the source of most of his jokes. HA HA HA HA!

official Space Cretins website
the official Space Cretins website. Beam aboard for a rocket ride!