Paul Blow and his boys
Ace Diamond Bimbos love you

Paul Diamond Blow has a new band, THE ACE DIAMOND BIMBOS...playing songs off Paul Blow's "Wang Dang Sweet Thunder of Rock!" CD. The Ace Diamond Bimbos are:

PAUL DIAMOND BLOW...lead guitar, vocals
MAXI THUNDERFINGERS...rhythum guitar
SLEAZY P. ... drums
SASHA KING... bass

You want rock, kids? We got rock! Don't be afraid, it's only guitar stars and Marshall stack attack! The Blowmeister has assembled a cast of shady characters to complete his Rock'n'roll vision, babies! Paul Diamond Blow & the Ace Diamond Bimbos are the real deal, bringing down'n'dirty punk/hard rock to your small town...better leave your kid sister at home, now, cause we're getting it on and we ain't turning it down! Do you remember rock'n'roll? Can you say "PAR-TAY?" The Bimbos are here now, to rock your sweet young world! Dig it!

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SPACE CRETINS --Paul Diamond Blow & Sleazy P.'s new punk/glam band!