Here are some live photos of the Ace Diamond Bimbos in action, and some flyers for the shows... click on the small images to see the full image...

...Here's the flyer for the Bimbos notorious "Buttrock Tour", since the clubs they played were known to the local Seattle hipsters as "buttrock clubs"...Paul Blow swears he will never play the Ballard Firehouse again, 'cause the old bastard behind the bar charged him $3.50 for a pint of Miller!

...Here's what the local alternative paper the Stranger said about this show: "This Thanksgiving, I'd like to give thanks to both Cuntry Joe and Paul Diamond Blow for soaking my write-up with their own brand of over-the-top filth. I promised my goshdarned mother that I would send to her what I wrote for this week's issue, and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to read that good ol' Cuntry Joe & Slitliquor will be playing with Paul Diamond Blow & the Ace Diamond Bimbos, in what promises to be an evening of music as tender and subtle as the band names themselves." --Jason Pagano

...This flyer featured Lisa, bimbo for the month of January.

...the flyer for the Bimbos show with '80's metal stars TESTAMENT...this flyer features a photo taken back in the day when Paul Blow used to jam with KISS!

Here are some photos from the Bimbos latest show-- December 17 at Jimmy Z' on the images to see the large photo. Photos by Drunk Keith.

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Here's a few shots from the Jan 14th show at Jimmy Z's...(photos by Merit):

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