Paul Diamond Blow & the Ace Diamond Bimbos are currently playing shows in the Seattle and N.W. area... Here's a listing of upcoming shows, as well as shows they've played...

Come on down and check 'em out!

August 11th at the Fiesta Room (Seattle)

August 12th at Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)

October 4th, at the VFW Hall (Seattle, WA)
with Slit Liquor, and the Barfeeders

October 15th at Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)

October 27th at the Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA)

Paul Diamond Blow w/Maxxi Thunderfingers
(acoustic set) Nov. 9, at Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)

Nov. 26 at the Lock & Keel Tavern
(w/Slitliquor) Seattle, WA

Dec 10th at American Legion Hall (Marysville, WA)
with Repose, Alphadrone, & guests (all ages)

Dec. 17 at Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)
with Slitliquor, Undisputed Heavyweights, and guests

Jan 14 at Jimmy Z's
with Lift, and For the Love of Suffering

Feb 4 at Jimmy Z's

Feb 12 at the Storeroom Tavern (Seattle)
with Six Beer Bladder
sponsored by Black Star Beer, with special appearance by the Black Star Beer Girls!

Feb 29 at the Vogue (Seattle)
with Cock Goddess

March 24 at the Gibson House
w/ the Load Levelers
Seattle (2nd & Pike)

April 21 (Friday) at Jimmy Z's
w/ Hotrod Lunatics and guests
1712 Hewitt, Everett WA

May 23 (Tuesday) at the Gracelands
w/ Slitliquor and guest
109 Eastlake Ave, Seattle WA

May 26 (Friday) at the Storeroom Tavern
with guest TBA
605 Eastlake Ave, Seattle WA

June 20 (Tuesday) at the Vogue
with the Sumatra Dragons
1516 11th Ave, Seattle WA

June 21 (Friday) at the Timeout Tavern
with guests
Everett WA

August 12 (Saturday) at the Ground Zero
All ages show! With Tripods and Alphadrone
Bellevue, WA

August 18 (Friday) at the Storeroom Tavern
with Jimmy Flame & the Sexy Boys
605 Eastlake Ave., Seattle, WA

September 1st (Friday) at the Gracelands
with C-Average, Turbo Lover, and guest
109 Eastlake Ave., Seattle, WA

September 12 (Tuesday) at the Storeroom Tavern
special acoustic show
tribute to DAVID BOWIE!
free show! 605 Eastlake Ave., Seattle, WA

September ? at Jimmy Z's
Date and guests TBA
Everett, WA

October 27 (Friday) at Zak's
with Ward A and guests
Seattle, WA (across the street from the Space Needle)

December 15 (Friday) at TIME OUT TAVERN
with Northwest Breeders and guest
Everett, WA

January 19 (Friday) t the STOREROOM TAVERN
with the Schmidtaholics
605 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA

January 24 (Wednesday) at the GRACELANDS
109 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA

February 9 (Friday) at the CATWALK
101 S. Washington St., Seattle, WA

March 9 (Friday) at JIMMY Z'S
with the FARTZ, and guest
Everett, WA