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WOLF RUN: Authentic Casino Slots in Your Own Home!
Play authentic casino slots for free on your home computer with no risk of losing money

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

A "big win" on the Wolf Run slots game.

I love playing the slot games at the local casinos -- they are a lot of fun to play and I find playing casino slots to be relaxing, as I lose myself in the games and all my worries or problems disappear for a couple hours. The only problem with playing slot games at the casinos is that the nearest casino is 30 miles away, casinos are often loud and full of cigarette smoke, and let's face it: casino slot games are programmed to take your money and over time you will probably come out behind no matter how many good nights you have.

That's why I love IGT Slots: Wolf Run. This is a computer game you install on your computer and it contains 20 authentic versions of IGT slot games that you can find in real casinos. The best part is that you do not have to drive 30 miles, put up with cigarette smoke, or even lose money with IGT Slots. There is no actual money involved, no real bets (this is NOT an online casino game) and you get a realistic and educational (and FUN) casino slot game experience in your own home on your own computer.

IGT Slots: Wolf Run features 10 traditional 3 reel slot games (such as Ten Times Pay and Double Double Diamond) that are, in my opinion, boring to play. The real action is with the ten video slots games (such as Texas Tina, Mystical Mermaid, Catch a Wave, and Wolf Run) which are extremely fun to play what with their sound effects, video animations, and bonus rounds. These games are true to the casino versions with the same graphics and sound effects. The "hit" of IGT Slots: Wolf Run is Wolf Run, of course, with it's stacked wild cards and bonus rounds. It's the only game on this disc that I actually still see at casinos, and it's one of IGT's most popular slot games.

What's cool about this game is that you can "experiment" with the slot games. For instance, I love playing Wolf Run at the casinos, but I am not brave enough (or foolhardy enough) to actually bet maximum credits there ($4.00 a spin) to get the big wins. With this computer game I can afford to bet max credits, and on the first day of owning this game I hit a "big win" on Wolf Run with 16 of the 20 boxes filled with wild card symbols! It paid $2000! Sure, the money wasn't real, but the thrill I got was!

How to play IGT Slots Wolf Run
After you first install IGT Slots: Wolf Run on your computer, you create a player profile for yourself. You get an automatic $25,000 bankroll to play with, and on each game you can choose whether the game will be penny slots, nickel slots, 25 cent slots, or one dollar slots. I personally stick with the penny slots as that's how I play at the casinos. Next, you choose whether you want "realistic" payouts on the games, or "extra high" payouts. I've found that the payouts are indeed realistic -- you can lose money awful fast just like at the casinos when you hit a dry run! The game will remember your account and your bankroll amount next time you start the game up.

All in all, IGT Slots: Wolf Run is a lot of fun to play and I've found that times when I really feel like going to the casino and playing slots, this game scratches my itch and saves me a 30 mile drive... plus a bunch of money I would've lost at the casino. I've also found playing IGT Slots has been very educational -- it's given me a better understanding of how casino slots games work. (TIP: betting maximum credits will NOT get you into the bonus round more often -- you will just lose your money a lot faster) Now when I do go to the real casinos to play, I play educated and I do believe that's helped me do better on the games.

If you love slot games (and especially the game Wolf Run) but can't afford to spend your money at the casinos, IGT Slots: Wolf Run is for you. It's based on authentic casino games, it's realistic, it will save you money, and best of all it is FUN to play. (Other official IGT computer slot games include IGT Slots: Texas Tea and IGT Slots: Little Green Men)